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Polar/UVI Data Archives

  • Polar/Wind/Geotail (PWG) Data Archive
    • This is the initial (main) source of all orbit, attitude, level-zero, and key parameter data for the Polar, Wind, and Geotail missions. Until the Polar mission ends all recent data are in the nrt and uncompressed directories. The schedule for Deep Space Network contacts are in dsn. All Polar archived data files are in compressed/po. UVI level-zero data files are in uvi/lz and UVI key parameter files are in uvi/k0. Orbit and attitude files are in either the def or pre directories. Platform files are in def/pa.
  • CDAWeb
  • CDAWeb Polar FTP site
    • This is the archive for the NSSDC CDAWeb. It is the archive for key parameter, high time resolution, and ancilary data files for several missions including Polar. Orbit and attitude files are in def_or, pre_or, def_at, and pre_at. The UVI key parameter files are in uvi/yyyy and the UVI level-one files are in uvi_level1/yyyy.

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